Re: Photo: Breeding & Show Cattle In An Express Reefer

Bill Parks

On Mon, Aug 1, 2022 at 07:06 PM, Steve SANDIFER wrote:
The Santa Fe at one time had 10 50’ box cars equipped with stalls to handle animals such as polo ponies that did not require express shipment but better than normal shipment
The Seaboard Airline had specially built HW cars for transporting race horses between New York and Florida.  As I remember, they were built in the mid 1920s, and were about 75 ft. long, and had several doors on each side for loading/unloading of the horses.  They had stalls for the horses, along with watering and feeding systems, and space for handlers to ride.  I think they were still in service when SAL and ACL merged into SCL.
Bill Parks
Cumming, GA
Modelling the Seaboard Airline in Central Florida

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