AAR 40' Boxcar ID

Gary McMills

Hi All,

I recently pickup some HO scale C&BT  1944 AAR 40' Boxcar kits at an estate sale and I am at a loss for identifying which railroad(s) owned them.

They are one with a 7' door and 10 panel sides with Angle roof and 4-3-1 ends.

Also a 7'door 12 panel sides with a flat roof and is Tuscan red (perhaps PRR?)

and a 8' door 12 panel sides car , 10 panel sides, flat roof, and 4-3-1 ends.

 I have Ed Hawkins Steam Era Freight car list but I am still having difficulties ID ing these cars.

I would like to find the prototype railroad for these  cars.

They are undecorated.


Gary McMills


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