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Bruce Smith


That's a little too absolutist. In fact, the practice of treating with lime was not as widespread in the US as it was in Canada, where it was required, as has been noted earlier in this thread, and most US stock cars did not show this off white band. On the Canadian stock cars in question the off-white was painted on the car. While it may, or may not, have been designed to "hide" the effects of lime treatment, it certainly wasn't caused by it. I will also remind you that typically, the inside of the car was the concern, not the outside, and so profligate use of lime so that it coated the exterior bottom half of the car would have been grossly wasteful. 

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The bottom of stock card is treated by lime when cleaning so the colour disappears very quickly and becomes a chalky white colour

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Could someone explain why the bottom 2/3 of the stock cars was gray and the top 1/3 red? If this was lime or something similar used as a disinfectant, should we be doing something similar on stock cars of other roads?

Hey, I'm a city guy. :)

Alex Schneider

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Lots of Canadian Pacific boxcars and a few stock cars:


Other slides with freight car views from this seller:



Looks to be from the early 1960s or so, but still a lot of steam era freight cars:



I have no connection with the seller.   Just happened upon these and wanted to share.



Steve Johnson



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