Re: Photo: Receiving International Harvester Crawlers At The Great Northern Paper Company

Guy Wilber

Bob Chaparro wrote:

“Eric Kurowski commented:

“My AAR top load manual shows crawler equipment had bolts though the track that went through the deck. It was one of many acceptable ways.”

Unfortunately, he didn’t cite the year for the manual.”

Eric later claimed this “information” came from a copy of the 1947 Open Top Rules. He’s definitely misinterpreting the rules and/or the diagram (172) covering the loading and securing of track mounted equipment including bulldozers.

No such provision existed for using bolts passing through the tracks to secure a load.

Additionally, a friend pointed out that the International pickup at the end of the dock appears to be a 1953 or 1954 model. The loading method within the photo matches the revisions within the 1952 Pamphlet No. MD-6 Rules (Figure 51) for machines weighing 25,000 pounds or less. Again, wood blocking and chocks with no wire securement being required.

Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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