Re: Brick Load

Jeffrey White

I live in "Little Egypt" well to be technical, about 5 miles north of the "Gateway to Little Egypt".  Local lore says the Little Egypt name for Southern Illinois originated during the drought and heatwaves in the 1930s.  That seems to be past the date of the photo.  A lot of businesses  in the area are named Egyptian __________   In Salem there was Egyptian Concrete. They made cast concrete products and were served by the B&O in our era (later CSX until CSX shut the line down several years ago).  "Little Egypt" was a much bigger thing during the era of this list then it is today although Salem still has a Little Egypt Festival and Parade the first Saturday in October. 

Jeff White

Alma IL

On 8/6/2022 12:20 PM, David Smith wrote:

Looks like that might have been a trademark of that brick company.

Dave Smith (just home from a week of looking at lots of Egyptian bricks (not this kind) in Cairo (not the one in Illinois))

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