Re: UTLX X-3, 6.5K tank car

Norm Buckhart

well you’re putting me on the spot here but they are certainly pretty similar  - if they are both 8,000 gal

On Aug 7, 2022, at 9:17 AM, Jeff Helm <jeff.helm.60@...> wrote:

Norm, thank you for pointing that out!  I need to remember that you offer 1:87 decals.

Would the new RCW 8k gallon X-3 tank be close to the PQCX cars? (Per Protocraft site, PQCX 108-110 built in AC&F lot 1603 in 1937)?  The RCW cars appear to my untrained eye to be similar, other than brakes and dome relief valve details, but the prototype was built in 1927 & 1929, a decade earlier.

Jeff Helm
The Olympic Peninsula Branch

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