Re: SP A50-6

Tony Thompson

Tom Lawler wrote:

I am building an F&C kit 6560 SP A50-6. No information about the prototype in the kit. I looked to see if I could find these cars in my 7/50 ORER. It was not obvious if they are there. So my questions:

Were these running in 7/50?
Did some have K brakes (provided with the kit)?
What were the series of numbers for the cars?
SP series were 66800-67999 and 68592-68654 (latter group transferred from T&NO in 1936). There were also some T&NO cars if you want that. In 1950, there remained 783 of the Pacific Lines cars and 312 of the T&NO cars.
Conversions to AB brakes were gradual, still in progress in 1950. I could supply car numbers for either case if you want.

Tony Thompson

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