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Corey Fischer

Who is trashing them? So far I have seen reasonable critiquing which manufacturers should be open to. I don’t think that kit manufacturers should not be closed off from reasonable criticism simply because they could decide to stop producing. 

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Here we go again.  This is like the discussiona few weeks ago on the FW&D covered hoppers color.  This I gather has effected the sales of this otherwise excellent model.

I don't disagree that the information is good to know, however, when viewed on a layout who will notice the difference?  This is coming from someone who if there is a nick on the side of his car can see it from a block away and it is on the other side of the car.  My fear is that there is currently a very few manufacturers of kits in the hobby.  The time and effort and expense involved in producing a kit is monumental. To have all this effort trashed after the fact is quite discouraging. Who needs the grief?  Remember that Gould was virtually driven out of the business after producing the best engineered plastic tank car model ever only to learn after the fact that the prototype was never made.

I don't want to lose any more kit suppliers.  What will we buy to put on a shelf never to be built?

Bill Pardie

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PQCX 110 is an 8000 gallon ACF Type 27 tank car. The InterMountain model is an exact match. But don't attach the bottom plat to the frame as these are two channels. Attached is a plan of the brake arrangment

Frank Hodina
Resin Car Works

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