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That hit me like a ton of bricks! This is so sad. Hubert and I were pretty good friends. I met him initially at Walt's Hobby Shop, when he was just getting started on his decal line. I immediately bought the first two offerings. I later met him at the Chicagoland RPM. He and my wife got along great,she would always sit and talk with him while I was shopping around. Hubert and I would exchange phone numbers and would soon be talking about once a month. We always talked railroad. He had some great stories about his days as a special agent. I helped spawn new products with him, getting photo's and background info on the subject at hand.

He will be sorely missed. He was so fun and presentable,
God Bless you Hubert and my prayers go out to your family.

Rich Christie

On Tuesday, August 9, 2022 at 08:30:38 AM CDT, David Forbes via <altamontc_ei@...> wrote:

So sorry to learn of this news.  

When I first joined the leadership of the C&EI HS around 2010, my first project was to have Hubert Mask make passenger decals for our society.  The success of that project led to many more collaborations with Hubert and kicked off a mini revival of C&EI modeling.  He was always a great guy to talk with and correspond with.  He will be missed.

David Forbes

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