Clarence Zink

I have a set of 4 soil sieves I got years ago from a "science house", and use the finest sifting as 'dust' for a variety of applications.  I've used crushed up rust from a forgings bin at work, and dirt from my yard that was suitably treated in my gas grill to neutralize organic matter.  (Don't let it get too hot, or heat  too long, it will start to smell like coal.)

Once your wheel faces (with axle ends taped off) and backs are painted and dry, give each wheel face/back a little shot of dull coat or cheap hair spray, and sprinkle on a little "dust".  It doesn't take much spray, just enough to barely moisten the surface.  Too much will make it all muddy looking.

Then, when that is dry, brush off the loose material, clean up the axle points and wheel rims, treads and flanges, and install.



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