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Robert kirkham

That’s an interesting brake step as well.  

Interesting to try to spot those cars; I’m not able to add to your list.


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I suspect these pressed metal parts are part of the technological progress after the end truss rods that held the cars together. Ray Breyer authored a review of these truss rod end cars. The PDF can be downloaded from the Freight Car Fleets resource page on my blog.
From the truss rod ends, steel straps were the next step before the pressed steel. The attached view of Big Four 47705 illustrates this installation.  
I’ve been checking my archives for additional cars with the pressed steel end braces. These were very common on gondolas in the 1905-1915 years. I thought I saw them on D&LW and NYC box cars, but I don’t see these in my photo archive. I did find a partial view of a P&R/Reading XMp class box car with pressed steel end braces. It’s attached. Funaro & Camerlengo produced this prototype as a resin kit.
There were also cars with vertical pressed steel posts on the car ends. Some LV and B&O prototypes come to mind. Corrugated steel ends came into use and were widely implemented. Steel plate with internal vertical reinforcement was another step in progress.
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Anyone have information on this style of end shown on this BR&P boxcar? Thanks! Bob Weston<image001.jpg>


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