Re: Preferred truck mounting on resin cars

Robert kirkham

I am a fan of those washers too.  They are very thin, so not much impact on car/coupler height, but they do provide a (at least a chance to achieve a) 3 point suspension.  

This afternoon i sliced some 1/8” styrene tube into very slim donuts, and glued them to the lower surface of the body bolsters.  So far, they make a big difference.  Haven’t decided yet whether it is worth the trouble to drill a 1/8” hole into the bolster and insert the tubing.  Time will tell . . . 


On Aug 9, 2022, at 3:15 PM, steve_wintner via <steve_wintner@...> wrote:

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Proto:87 stores' washers. I've used them and they do seem better than the "one screw tight one looser" method. (Admittedly not answering Rob's direct question, but answering his more general one.)


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