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Ray Breyer

Except that in general, these hat section rib ends were added to brand NEW cars, not rebuilds. While some roads like the NYC began massive car rebuilding programs as early as 1911, the real push to rebuild happened immediately after USRA control ended, and lasted up to the Depression. These braces were introduced just before WWI.

These types of end braces were an attempt by dirt-cheap railroads to try to avoid the added costs of steel ends, or even steel crash posts. They were the descendants of trussrod ends, and worked about as well. Note that NO first tier carriers ever mucked around with them (the Southern inherited theirs from absorbed railroads).

Ray Breyer
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There was a great deal of work done to reinforce the more modern all wood cars in the WWI period, because of the rapid increase in train weights and consequent train dynamics; the cars were too new to just write off as obsolete. Many different shops and companies worked on this sort of thing -some were marketed commercially and other just stayed within the company as homegrown practices.
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