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If you are going to do mail order for Al's kits you'll get a better deal
from Matt at:

Between the Bookends
6320 C Baseline Road
Little Rock, AR. 72209


But next time you visit the Bay Area I'm sure you won't regret a visit to
the Train Shop in Santa Clara. Great selection of books. Usually well
stocked with top of the line HO. Better than, say Mitchells on the east
coast, to name one of the larger stores I've visited. Not much brass here
anymore tho.

Dave Nelson

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Could you provide me with an address and perhaps a phone number of the
"Train Shop" and whether they have a mail order or phone order
side of their
business. I have a need for a dozen or so of Al's kits and I'd
love to find
somewhere that offered them at any size of a discount. Thanks.
Larry Sexton
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5 miles from my house is the Train Shop of Santa Clara CA., which
normally has 200-300 Westerfield kits in stock (at discounted prices).

Dave Nelson

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