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Bruce Smith


Just to clarify, you're either talking about an AC&F type 7 (1907 design) or an early type 11 (1911 design). 

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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I'm finishing  the HO scale F&C hi-walkway 8,000 gal tank car kit. It is based on the prototype built by AC&F ca1912. I am thinking about using some spare parts and cobbling together a 10,000 gal tank car. My question is, what would be the diameter (either in scale dimensions or millimetres) of the tank on the 10,000 gal car? The car appears to be the same length but with a bigger tank. Not being the slightest bit capable of things mathematical, I am hoping that somebody in the group who is can answer this question.
I've already posted this in another group. I am hoping to find somebody who has actually done this. Perhaps there is a 10,000 gal tank already on a 36' frame that one of you know about.

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