TOFC question

Robert G P

Hello all,

I'd like to ask how far from home territory would trailers travel by way of tofc in the 1950's? 

Take C&O for example, would a trailer loaded somewhere in Virginia be sent to Colorado or Texas if thats where its respective load was consignee'd? Or would that likely be put in a boxcar or even transloaded into one (once on the C&O if initially loaded by the shipper in a C&O trailer)? 

Or was tofc in that timeframe primarily used for home range traffic (once again using C&O as an example, say Richmond to Cincinnati or Chicago? 

If the former is the case, lets say theres a SP or NP trailer in Va on the C&O which brought a load east - would the trailer be used to ship the westbound load to Colorado? (Like how a boxcar could be used). 


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