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Frank, et al, 

That is excellent news.  Many thanks for taking the initiative on all our behalf(s).  Note, I see this is for 2023, which is next year.  I hope by then all our pandemic problems are behind us.


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I sign a contract with the NIU conference center for Friday and Saturday, October 27 and 28, 2023. We’ll have the eastern part of the first floor, except for the auditorium, and the four tiered classrooms upstairs. The first floor space adds up to over 12,000 square feet which I hope is enough. We can set things up on Thursday after 7:00 pm. Cost is under $10,000. 250 attendees at $45 each would cover it. So we can call this again the Naperville RPM and it’s on the weekend that Martin had it on.


We’ll also have a gift for the first 100 to sign up.



<tiered-room.jpg><Screenshot 2022-08-18 090726.jpg>

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