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I've found that there is a very poor fit between
the slope sheets and sides and the slope sheets around the center
beam that runs down the center of the car. These are not just thin
spaces that could be filled easily with shims of styrene- in several
cases there are noticeable gaps of as much as 1/16". Even if I did
fill the gaps with styrene, the cars are wood, and it might look odd
to have smooth styrene filling spaces between wood components. <<

Other than the easy option, which is to model the cars loaded then you will
have to shim the slope sheets. Don't worry too much about the discontinuity in
the surface finish on the underside of the slope sheets since this is
invisible with the car on its wheels it's about the darkest area of the car and well
inside the side panels -- you'd need a dentist's mirror and lamp to see what
was going on down there. On the insides you can simply sand the joint clean
before scribing the lines

Also, what's a good way simulate wood inside
these cars?  <<

For the insides I simply score the castings to simulate the planks - the wood
effect is easier to achieve with paint rather than by trying to engrave grain
in the castings

If you really want wood grain then work a piece of fairly rough (say 120)
wet-and-dry gently along the length of each plank in turn. To be honest the
effect on the outside is generally rather overdone in my view and a smooth surface
with the odd split or gouge showing is more in keeping.

Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton
Willows, CA

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