Re: Looking for GA drawings for 1923 XM-1 boxcar.

Tim O'Connor

Charlie did you mean L&NW ?? Wouldn't this be too modern for you ?

On 8/18/2022 3:56 PM, Charlie Duckworth via wrote:

Tried a google search and all I got back was the Abrams tank images.  

Started on the F&C L&N XM-1 boxcar but his instructions leave a little to much to the modeler’s imagination.  Found I’d squirreled away a Speedwitch decal set for this kit too.

I haven’t bought an F&C boxcar for a while and picked the One piece body kit at RPM.  It’s nicely made but decals are poorly printed.  

Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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