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Jim and Barbara van Gaasbeek

Nuclear fuel is transferred to the reprocessing plant in England in special trains, with two cars containing the fuel, with an engine top-and-tailing the train.


The Us has a very large, brand-new nuclear storage facility in Nevada (Yucca Mountain, Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository - Wikipedia) that is not in use, owing to states refusing to allow the material to be transported through their states.  But that gets us into politics, so I’ll stop.



Jim van Gaasbeek

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The Santa Fe modified a couple of drover cabooses for the AEC to serve as guard cars.

One is preserved in Barstow at the Mojave River Valley Museum and another at the S. Calif RR Museum (OERM).



J. Stephen Sandifer


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And the 9792 is now at the Illinois Railway Museum :-)

On 8/18/2022 5:13 PM, Jeffrey White wrote:

In 1956 the IC modified two cabooses 9791 and 9792 for the AEC in their Centralia shops.  They were returned to the railroad and the modifications removed in 1960 and the cabooses were placed back into service.

I have no other information on what the modifications were.

Jeff White

Alma IL


Tim O'Connor
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