Re: Date photos from freight cars

Ian Cranstone

As has previously been noted, the lower image of GTW 206971 shows a former NYDX 8000-series car, which were first listed as being renumbered to the GTW 206900 series in the October 1942 ORER, with the renumbering having been completed by the July 1955 issue. Given that the car has a complete GTW paint scheme, but certainly doesn't look freshly shopped, and appears to have patched weight data, I'm inclined to think that this photo is 1950s at earliest.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

On 2022-08-18 14:46, Marty McGuirk wrote:

Both of these images show the Enosburg Falls, Vermont condensary at two different times - The image with the GTW reefer is the building after it had been modified with an updated water tank and chimney. I'm trying to narrow down the dates these images may have been taken. 
Any clues from the freight cars as to when these photos may have 
Thanks in advance, 
Marty McGuirk

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