Re: NYDX (was Date photos from freight cars)


New York Despatch was a reefer line operated by the Grand Trunk Railway dating from before they were taken over by Canadian National in the 1920's (1923 as I recall)
The GT lines west of the international border at Sarnia/Port Huron (which had always had somewhat of a separate identity) became formally the Grand Trunk Western in 1928. They kept the NYDX until about 1944, when they started renumbering the reefers into GTW, which process continued into the mid 50"s. To make things more confusing, there were before WWII some wood frame reefers that carried GTW marks. An ACF builders photo of one of these ca. 1912 shows a car lettered "Grand Trunk"
with a small" GTW" initials on the lower left corner of the side.
Larry King

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