Photo: ACL Ventilated Boxcar 37853 With Live Bees Load (Undated)

Andy Carlson

Marketing to appeal to the less knowing.....

Peanut butter being labeled "No Cholesterol", Oatmeal being labeled "Gluten Free". Gluten is a protein found only in wheat and cholesterol is an animal fatty acid, not found in plants. Some of the best recognized honey is from foraged alfalfa fields but the honey produced from these fields is labeled "Clover'. Since alfalfa is in the Legume family (which includes clover) there is some leniency to this claim! I will be shortly marketing a new bottled water with claims of "Non GMO".

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

Way back when, the practice used to be that bee colonies were established (starting with the queen) in the South where it was warm in the Spring, and then sent up to Canada so that when things warmed up and the *******clover *********season started up there, they could hit the ground running (buzzing?). At the end of the season the beekeepers became beekillers and snuffed the full hive off and took the remaining honey as it was too much trouble to keep them alive in the cold north winters.

RJ Dial (also a Beekeeper)

Mendocino, CA

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