Re: Brake Component Identification


On Fri, Aug 19, 2022 at 02:48 PM, Tony Thompson wrote:
On returning from.Collonsville I felt that I should spend some time attempting to approach Lester Bruer's level of organizatiion. I came across a bagof brake component castings. Can anyone identify the manufaturer and provide a Roseta
stone got the various brake housing?
Looks like Tichy to me.

Tony Thompson
Sorry, No. not Tichy.

The set in Bill's photo is from the Grandt Line set. There was another sprue made of delrin that had levers and rods, etc, that made up the set.
This set was also marketed by DA.

This has been discussed many times on this list. Just try Grandt Line AB in the archives and you'll be surprised how much comes up.

Hope this helps,
Dan Smith

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