Re: Brake Component Identification

Tim O'Connor

I think DA and Grandt Line both sold that AB brake set design but I think DA used a
slippery resin that shot better in the mold. Or maybe that mold is a little worn out.

This Moloco assortment may help identify the brake housings.

On 8/19/2022 5:33 PM, WILLIAM PARDIE wrote:

I seem to be developing  reputation from not knowing what is going on.  Believe me I am working hard to achieve that.

On returning from.Collonsville I felt that I should spend some time attempting to approach Lester Bruer's level of organizatiion.  I came across a bagof brake component castings.  Can anyone identify the  manufaturer and provide a Roseta
stone got the various brake housing?

Thanks for any help.

Bill Pardie

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Tim O'Connor
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