Re: Atomic Waste Shipments 1950s

Bob Chapman

Jim Murrie writes:
In 1961 L&N had four surplus 10-3 sleeping cars modified to baggage dorms or use by Atomic Energy Commission which were renumbered 1650-1653. Only indication of use was "Return to Oak Ridge in small letters.

A bit of truth stranger than fiction -- never one to waste a usable piece of equipment, in 1978 L&N repurposed two of their AEC baggage dorms for snowplow use on their Indiana and Illinois lines. The heavy concrete-lined vault on the cars' interiors was perfect to keep them on the rails while bucking snowdrifts. All four L&N cars survived until 1998. Photo credit -- W Raia, Marion, IN, 9/80, John C LaRue collection.  

Bob Chapman

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