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Charlie Duckworth

As a lot of you may have heard my good friend and business associate, Hubert Mask of Mask Island Decals passed away suddenly on August 8th. Hubert and I worked together for the last 18+ years. Over that time we developed a unique relationship revolving around our love of Railroads and the Decal business. Hubert had a great sense of humor and was always joking around. Every time we met up he would have some story about his time as a Railroad Cop on the Rock Island working around Chicago or on the Santa Fe investigating Train Wrecks. He even owned his own railroad for a short time called the Racoon River which I believe was in Illinois. His passing leaves a huge hole in my heart. Rest in Peace my friend! 
We will be keeping the Mask Island legacy alive within Highball Graphics. Over the next few months we will be adding his complete line of almost 500 decal sets to our website. For those of you who are not familiar with his decals, he chose to offer what he loved and grew up with which was the Midwest and Southern Railroads of the 60's and 70's. He only offered them in HO Scale but we will offer them in both HO and N to start and other scales on request. If you have a Mask Island part number that isn't up online yet just email us and we can get it printed for you.
PLEASE NOTE: As of right now The old Mask Island Decals website is still up online but there is nobody that can access it. Hubert didn't leave anybody access to his emails, Paypal account or Website. We have been trying to contact the web host and they will not answer any request so please do not order through that site! Any orders need to be placed directly through Highball Graphics from now on.

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