Re: Open Gon loads (Not scrap)


Here is a gondola load at the Clifton Shop Yard of the Staten Island Rapid Transit. 
The B&O gondola is loaded with multiple unit electric car wheels.
The photo date is 1945.

The three MUE electric cars in that photo wore oddly dimensioned wheels in their maximum traction Commonwealth Steel Castings trucks. 
Each truck used a pair of 31" diameter leading wheels, with a pair of 34 1/4" diameter traction wheels following, that were geared to a 200 HP GE motor.

A good supply of these dimensioned wheels was needed to maintain the SIRT fleet of 90 motor units and 10 trailer units from 1925 when first delivered
until the last 40 of those MUE cars still in service were retired and scrapped in 1972.

Ed Bommer

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