Re: CGW Box Car Photo Help


Thans Ed!  And thanks Tim, and Doug, and Clark, and all the other fellows who replied offline.  I've got more than I can handle...which is never a bad thing when trying to make a model.

Clark and I were ruminating about paint jobs.  We noticed that we didn't see any cars with the lettering on the left side, monogram on the right side AND the lines above and below the reporting marks.  That's the paint scheme represented by the Red Caboose model.  After you guys sent the dozens and dozens of photos, one or two cars with that lettering combination showed up.  They appear to be circa 1940 photos.  

We also noticed that some of the cars circa late-40s to mid-50s had black roofs.  Fenton told me but I didn't believe him.  I should'a.

John Golden

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