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Steve and Barb Hile

In fact, there are two pictures of 6 radial course tank cars in the UTLX book.  See pages 138 and 139.  They became UTLX cars via the acquisition of the Pure Oil fleet, but are shown in their earlier paint.


I think that SC&F provided GATX decals with the kit and Lester has been looking for a photo to confirm their usage during his operating time.  It would appear that the six course tank was relatively rare, but I suspect that Jon Cagle (SC&F) had assurance, probably from the late Richard Hendrickson, that such a GATX car existed.


I would have loved to include a photo of one of those cars painted for UTLX in the book, but nothing showed up.




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Lester, Al,


I was puzzled by the initial question and the response. The kit builds an 8K gallon, 6 radial course tank car, as built by the Standard Tank Car company and owned by General American Tank Car corp. I’m not sure why (Lester) you would think that you might find photos of it in the UTLX book, since it was neither built by UTLX, nor owned by them. I’m also pretty sure that the car in question in MM is a GATC built, GATX owned car, so again, I’m not quite sure of the relevance to the model in question.


So, let’s back up a step and ask why are you looking for photos? Is it to identify specific details? Or other car numbers in the series?




Bruce Smith

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There is a photo of a five course GATX tank car in the November 1991 Mainline Modeler. Taken May 5 1991 at Rio Vista CA. Lettering is pretty generic.



Al Smith

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I am working on a Southern Car & Foundry 6 radial course tank car with decals for a GATX tank car.  In looking for a photo I could only fine two photos in Hile’s UTLX tank car book.  From my hunt I believe these were not a common tank car.
 Asking if anyone can direct me to a photo of a 6 radial course tank car lettered for GATX.
Thanks for your help in advance.
Lester Breuer

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