Help identifying a gondola, please

greg kennelly

In early 1952, the Pacific Great Eastern acquired a group of ten hopper-bottom (GRA) gondolas as shown in the attached photos by the late Bill Hewlett from my collection.  In the 1919 Car Builder's Dictionary, I found drawings of a similar drop-bottom gondola from the Bettendorf Corporation which had the same distinctive 4-point star ends.  I would very much like to find a drawing of the hopper-bottom (GRA) version.  Photographs show that some of the cars were stencilled "GRA-50-4" which might, hopefully, provide a clue as to their origin.  They are stencilled as BUILT 1914, I.L. 40'-0", CU. FT. 1825.  A search of the Jan 1943 ORER turned up the Santa Fe with a large number of GRA gondolas listed as Caswell dump cars with the same 40'-0" I.L. but only 1710 CU. FT. rather than 1825.   Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for any assistance.
Greg Kennelly

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