Re: Help identifying a gondola, please

greg kennelly

Many thanks, Steve.

I missed those in my search of the ORERs as I was looking for mech. desig. GRA while those are listed as MWB despite having been stencilled "GRA-50-4".  The dimensions in the 1943 ORER match the late BIll Hewlett's August 27, 1954 measurements of PGE 253 very well, including a 19'-0" I.L. when the bulkheads are in place at the ends of the hopper sections.  The only unfortunate information in the January 1943 ORER is that it "Note O" shows only 2 cars, 40878 & 40894, remaining in series 40800 - 40999.  The PGE acquired 10 cars nine years later.  Now to try to find a diagram that shows the operating mechanism for the hoppers.  Based on Bill's photo of the interior, only the lower portion of the outer panel of the hopper opens and it will need to be hinged at its lowest point in order to effect discharge outside the rails.

Greg Kennelly

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