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Nice photo tim; this car will be involved in a wreck on the Milwaukee Road in the summer of 1968 and be scrapped.

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Bobs photo sells one of erdx 11002, with the emblem,  his negative  t0370: all rbs on mdt were stenciled refrigerator since many customers for years just wanted an insulated car which their standard refrigerator could fill the bill

Roger Hinman

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    I'm looking for photos or one photo, of the Eastern States Dispatch 11000 series insulated boxes "with" the circular logo. These cars are lettered ERDX and are the taller of the two series being an inside height of 10'0". I know these existed as I'd seen them in a video of the Nickel Plate running alongside the lower height 10000 series cars, all had the large circular logos. The only photo I have shows the cars without the logo and "refrigerated" lettering but they're not reefers.
     Bud Rindfleisch

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts <erdx_11015 40ft_PD_box RB rebuild DESPATCH-1958 (EastRochester) 1962 repaint BellowsFallsVT 1965.jpg>

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