Re: Photo: Railroad yard at U.S. Steel Duquesne Works, Duquesne, PA (1956)

Doug Polinder

Oh look at that: no Interstate 5, no Alaskan Way, and no Space Needle.  Just the Smith Tower, tallest building on the West Coast for some years (42 stories).

Tim, there is at least one very nice picture of PCRR gons in the Yaremko GN book (don't have my copy handy but will by tomorrow night).  I believe Champ did decals for these and I will check my 1990 catalog when I get back to Michigan tomorrow night.

I believe some of the PCRR coal ended up at the University of Washington powerplant on Lake Washington west of the UW campus (NP branch, now the Burke-Gilman trail).  I do not know anything about the BTU or sulfur content of Washington coal, 

Doug Polinder
Seguin TX

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