Re: Photo: Railroad yard at U.S. Steel Duquesne Works, Duquesne, PA (1956)

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi Tim and List Members,

Thanks Tim for the excellent image you sent. Some things I found interesting...

* Engine terminal on the right, it looks like the roundhouse may have been added onto over the years, based on the roof construction

* Compound ladder in the yard!

* Platform flat cars at the extreme left side of the image

* Structure with ALBERS billboard lettering in the distance (grain elevator?)

* What appears to be both railroad and roadway trestles across and above the yard

* Pole storage yard by buildings on left side of image

* And naturally the awesome PACIFIC COAST composite gon

Claus Schlund

On 28-Aug-22 18:51, Tim O'Connor wrote:

Pacific Coast was a shortline built to move locally mined coal. It shared track with the Milwaukee in the
Maple Valley and I think it was controlled by the Great Northern. It brought coal into Seattle.

The photo shows the PCR yard between the NP and MILW yards, in 1930.

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