Re: Photo: Railroad yard at U.S. Steel Duquesne Works, Duquesne, PA (1956)

Tony Thompson

Doug Polinder wrote:

Tim, there is at least one very nice picture of PCRR gons in the Yaremko GN book (don't have my copy handy but will by tomorrow night). I believe Champ did decals for these and I will check my 1990 catalog when I get back to Michigan tomorrow night.

I believe some of the PCRR coal ended up at the University of Washington powerplant on Lake Washington west of the UW campus (NP branch, now the Burke-Gilman trail). I do not know anything about the BTU or sulfur content of Washington coal,
Don’t know if it was Maple Valley coal, but when I was at UW in the early 1960s, with an office in Roberts Hall alongside the track to the power plant, an NP switcher would bring a single NP offset hopper of coal, mid-afternoon, about every other day.

Tony Thompson

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