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Don Burn


The car with vents could be a Rutland Milk Car. The link shows an HO brass import of the series of these cars.

Don Burn

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A February 7, 1935 derailment on the Rutland Railroad at Irona New York was captured in images that have been posted on the Clinton County Historical Association Facebook Page:

There's a PRR H-21, a CP single-sheathed boxcar, a CP reefer(?), a B&M single-sheathed box, some NYC hoppers, and a car with a row of rectangular vents low on the sheathing in the images. I tried various ways to get a link directly to the post, without luck, but it was posted on August 25, so it's just a short scroll back. Their group is set up to only show thumbnails, so you'll need to click on the tiny "Show full size" link to see the actual picture. This is close to the time and location I am modeling, so I'd love more particulars on any of the cars, especially that ventilated(?) one, if you are so inspired. Thanks!


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