Re: Western Maryland hoppers

Eric Hansmann

There is another possible reason for black car color on the early WM hopper fleet.
The WM was owned by the Gould Syndicate for several years in the early 20th century. The W&LE and Wheeling-Pittsburgh Terminal (predecessor of the P&WV) were also Gould properties. The Syndicate was planning to connect the WM with the W-PT as part of a transcontinental connection with their western lines. As far as I know, the W&LE and W-PT hopper and gondola car color was black. Why would the WM cars be painted differently from other Gould owned lines?
The discussion time frame of the realSTMFC list runs from 1900 to 1960. Black Western Maryland hoppers would have been running for one third of our discussion period.
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

On 09/05/2022 9:50 AM CDT Adam Chilcote <achilcote94@...> wrote:
I'm 95% sure WMRHS has found documentation of cars painted black in the teens and 20s. Of course you could still argue that maybe they were supposed to be black on paper, and turned out red, but that's highly unlikely!


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