Re: Great Northern Stock Car 55756

Jim Betz

  Excellent - both the car itself -and- the blog entry documenting what you did to
produce it.  Thanks!

  I have two questions.  First - it seems, from the pics, that the ends of the car
are just a tad shiny compared to the sides and roof.  Is that just a trick of the
lighting for the picture?
  Second - have you ever tried using a dry brush technique to add just a touch
of color to the details (such as the grabs and ladders) that is a few subtle shades
different from the car body color ... in order to make them just ever so more

  I liked your coverage of the underbody.  It made me want to say - don't paint it
because you can't see the details after they are painted.  *G*  As both a
modeler and 'researcher' I wanted to -see- the underbody as much as have it
be the correct look for a finished car. 

  Very NICE car - thanks for posting the link.
                                                                                                - Jim in the PNW

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