Re: Sunshine Models Louisiana & Arkansas Howe Truss Boxcar

Tony Thompson

Nelson Moyer wrote:

I see your point, but these are much newer cars, and are those roofs really galvanized? I would think metallography would improve from early galvanized roofs to a more recent time. I’m thinking of the old galvanized wash tubs I’ve seen, and the one I have. I don’t dates for the FRISCO cars, or the photo date, so no way to tell how old these roofs are.

Nelson, you are of course right that metallurgy has progressed over the decades, but galvanized still means zinc coated. What’s improved is paint formulations to “stick” to galvanized. Sometimes inferior paint, or inferior practice of painting, led to one set of roofs showing far more paint failure than another set of the same vintage. I think age isn’t a complete guided to paint failure.

Tony Thompson

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