Re: M&SL Box Cars in Northern New England

tim gilbert <tgilbert@...>

Clark Propst wrote:

I enjoy learning about the 'proper ' way railroads were to handle
foreign road
cars and empties. But most old railroaders I've talked to just talk of
loads and
empties, railroads aren't mentioned. They used what was available. I
was going to
say like Railbox advertised, but you beat me to it again.
Thanks Clark. Your insight may have a better chance of swaying the Mid
West lobby.

One point about "using what was available," that depended upon having a
"reload" available which could be loaded into any empty car suitable for
that load.

Generally, it was difficult to reload a hopper until that empty got back
to the mines; hence, the percent loaded car miles of hoppers was
slightly above 50%.

On the other hand, the amount of commodities which could be loaded into
boxcars were quite extensive so reloads were available long before the
empty reached home rails. Hence, the percent loaded car miles for
boxcars were in the 75%-85% range.

Again thanks, Tim Gilbert

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