Re: Sunshine Models Louisiana & Arkansas Howe Truss Boxcar / galvanized roof paint failure

Eric Hansmann

Attached is an edit of another Jack Delano photo that shows paint failure on a coupe box car roofs. While the paint failure areas seem like the same shade of gray from a distance, there are hints of grime and soot when you zoom in closer.
And check out that yellow M-K-T box car. The roof doesn't even seem like it was painted.
Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

On 09/12/2022 1:06 PM CDT Todd Sullivan via <sullivant41@...> wrote:

I think your observations about galvanized roofing being a consistent color on a particular car.  That's what I have observed when researching weathering for some of my models.  I have used one color for the galvanized patches, and that has looked realistic.

Todd Sullivan


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