Re: Galvanized roof paint failure- a Question

Scott H. Haycock

C&IM  dark green? 

Scott Haycock

On 09/13/2022 2:57 PM Kenneth Montero <va661midlo@...> wrote:

Exceptions that quickly come to mind, limited to boxcars (hoppers and gondolas often were painted black):

"State of Maine" -- B&M & NH boxcars
Black - Lehigh & New England boxcars.

Ken Montero

On 09/13/2022 4:48 PM George Courtney via <gsc3@...> wrote:

I fully agree with Nelson that most cars were brown back in 1953 (the year I model).  Exceptions were the MKT, M&W and C&IM yellow boxcars and the reefers in orange and yellow and white.  Those exceptions are all I can think of off the top of my head.  Does anyone else know of a all black or blue or whatever boxcar from the early 1950's?

George  Courtney

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