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Charlie Vlk


Thanks for the update!   The PRR cars, along with the Reading, are pretty attractive examples of the type.

I hope to eventually get the 2D drawings into the hands of somebody that can work them up in 3D.

An advantage of starting with these cars is that most of the details, especially on the 1906 version, are good for most of the CB&Q waycars, so the windows, cupola, etc. can be used to work up others.  There are a couple of different end doors and variations of windows but they are easy to do…and then the side doors for a few cars so equipped for LCL service and some with coach seats.

I model in N so am looking to doing resin prints of them rather than scratch building them.

Charlie Vlk



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It was a Pennsylvania 4-Wheel Bobber caboose I had been working on and scratch built in styrene based on an Ambroid wood kit. I made 600 parts and had added an interior with furniture.

Bill L


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What Bobber Caboose?

The recent eBay offering of a J. Harold Geisel pencil sketch (different from another that I picked up at a train show shortly after his passing) of the CB&Q NM2 that appeared n MR in the 50s prompted me to start working on 2D drawings for the cars as-built in 1903 and 1906. The MR drawings, railroad journal, and even CB&Q builder detail prints don't match either of the batches.

Fun exercise in pulling together sometimes conflicting data to figure out what's in the few photos of the cars!   

Also found a 1903 newspaper article that suggests the origin of the "Bobber" name.

It wasn't a reference to their rough riding motion.....more to the tails of draft horses for the more compact length!

Charlie Vlk


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I have completed my Bobber Caboose and submitted it for NMRA judging.


My current project is a Single Sheathed Boxcar. Many of you provided me with some explanation of Sheathing a few months ago but my latest research on actually scratchbuilding the boxcar resulted in strong references to a Ted Culotta who wrote Essential Freight Cars articles for RMC about 15-20 years ago.


In my Internet search, I found one person from this io group, Eric Hansmann, who posted that he had the whole series of articles  and had posted them somewhere. What I need I believe is the Milwaukee Road RMC article from June 2003.


Eric, if you or anybody else has that article, I would very much appreciate it if I could get an electronic copy.


Thank you,


Bill L




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On June 4, 2020 at 4:33 PM np328 Jim Dick wrote:

     May we take the next step and have resin car suppliers please bring us single sheathed and double sheathed cars like this that do not look like they are running off their last years.





After reading your message I checked the model releases from several resin manufacturers; F&C, Resin Car Works, Speedwitch Media, Yarmouth Model Works, and even the new Southbound Modelworks & Decal company. I reviewed all their recent wood-sheathed house car kits and found the castings to represent pretty tight boards. I don't see overly exaggerated wood sheathing on kits released in the last decade. I gotta scratch my head here. Only one question comes to my mind.


What are you talking about? 


Please point out what I am missing that has bothered you about the wood sheathing on recent HO scale resin freight car kits.


Eric Hansmann
Murfreesboro, TN

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