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SFRD orange was discussed recently on the resincarbuilders io group. I don't remember Tamiya or Vallejo mentioned as the discussion was on what color(s) of orange to use. I did color sampling on several color photos of SFRD cars and also several models guilt by well known ATSF modelers, then printed RGB color samples for each version of SFRD orange. I also received the a file of the color chips for the early and post 1955 versions of SFRD orange. The early orange was much lighter than the later orange, as you can see from the color chips. Also, the orange faded toward yellow, so your paint choice depends upon era and whether you want a new paint look or a well weathered car, or something between.

The ATSF Historical and Technical Society color chip match is given in Pantone and CMYK. My interpretation is that Pantone is the late color and CMYK is the early color, as clearly, they are not the same colors of orange. I used the CMYK color together with my color sampling experiment to select my four SFRD colors. I had both the SFRD color chip and my color sampling file printed by a professional graphic shop with a color calibrated printer, so the original print is accurate, but what you see on your monitor will depend upon the color calibration of your monitor.

Most of the models of ice bunker SFRD cars I've seen are painted too orange, closer to the post 1955 color.

Why Scalecoat II? Masking with Tru Color is hit or miss, and I'll have to mask the sides to paint the underframe, ends, and roof. I felt that Scalecoat II would be more reliable under masking.

I painted the sides of four SFRD cars yesterday, using mixes of Scalecoat II Reefer Yellow and Reefer Orange. While I tried to match the color samples I had chosen, the paint looks different wet and dry, and I ended up with too much yellow in all but one car. Based upon that experience, I'll add a little more orange to three of the mixes and try again.

Nelson Moyer

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Help please

Do Tamiya or Vallejo do an orange that is suitable for SFRD orange?

Many thanks
Paul Doggett. England

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