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Ray Breyer

Actually, I think that these cars were rebuilt in two groups: one with flat roofs and Murphy ends, and a second with radials and Dreadnaughts. That makes sense, as a road as cash strapped as the Alton wouldn't spring for enough material to rebuild 1000 cars all at once.

Ray Breyer
Elgin, IL

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Ray Breyer  feels that these were 1905 wooden cars rebuilt with radial roofs and some version of dreadnaught ends. We are still looking
Thanks for your input

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Thanks Todd, I’m looking for that photo

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A little more data.  I checked my January 1952 ORER, and the GM7O had 6 ex-Alton 17000 series boxcars listed.  They were not big cars: 12'-1" at the eaves, 12'-11" over the running board  and 2730 cuft..  By comparison, the 1937 AAR standard boxcar was about 14'-8" over the running board and 3712cuft.

Todd Sullivan

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