Re: Sunshine Models Missouri Pacific SS boxcar finished

Paul Doggett


Another superb job despite all the problems.

Paul Doggett 

On 19 Sep 2022, at 02:56, Charlie Duckworth via <Worth51@...> wrote:

Ever have one of those models that’s going together and then it’s ‘snake bit’ during the last few steps?  This poor model did; first I was drilling holes for the eye bolts for the couple pin lifter as I was pulling the drill bit out the entire end came off the the car.  Then I’d painted the car and was decaling it; I’d had a nice gloss coat and had put down several different decal solvents to meld the decals into the surface.  I was scoring the horizontal boards when one of the MP buzz saws tore breaking off a small corner.  I found another and scraped off the original one leaving the paint in that panel needed to be repainted.  I ended up taking the TruColor thinner and a Qtip and removing all the paint in the area between the Z braces and mixing up the FCB and ART yellow and respraying it.  Found another buzz saw and replaced it.   Ok, all well so I thought.  I was getting low on my Dullcote weathering mix (few drops of Black and Tan in thinned Dullcote) so made a new batch and started spraying the car.  I’m not sure what happened but the panel with the buzz saw and dimensional data was blacker than the rest of the carbody.   Tried removing the Dullcote with a Qtip dipped on Solvaset and while the paint Dullcote came off the lettering on the buzz saw also did.  Ok, scraped off another buzz saw, mixed FCB and ART yellow and shot the area again.  Added another buzz saw; decided probably should take a 35” walk.  Came back and sprayed the panel again with my Dullcote mix.  This time no ‘snake bites’…
Charlie Duckworth 
Omaha, Ne.

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