Re: Would someone be interested in doing some ORER research for me?

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Don’t know if they’ve changed their policy, but I’ve had the Barriger UMSL do copies of specific ORER pages for me a couple of times before. They charge for research time but it was very reasonable. I imagine the CSRM would do the same


Roger Hinman

[DHN>] You can download from Google Books a .pdf for the entire 1897 edition.


Dave Nelson

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I'm working on researching all B&M (and predecessor RR) ORER entries
(NOTE: above is temporary URL until everything gets moved to the new web site)

Unfortunately, due to a couple issues, it doesn't look like I will be able to do any traveling for the foreseeable future.

I've got 95+% of the data, but I need someone to help get the last few pages, specifically
- Probably about a day (or less) work in St Louis at the St Louis Mercantile library,
    - A motley assortment of pages I missed or screwed up on when I was there in May
- a day or so in either Sacramento (California RR Museum) and/or Stanford (Stanford Univ) for:
    - 1885 (Jun - Dec) (multiple RRs) (yes, I have the Westerfield CD)
    - 1897 (Jan - Jun) (B&M and Fitchburg)
    - 1900 (all) (B&M and, if present, Fitchburg)

I am willing to pay time and agreed-upon travel expenses.

I would prefer pictures with 10Mp (or greater) camera - I used my iPhone 13

If you (or a child/grandchild/great-grandchild in the case of Stanford U) is interested, please contact me at
            ken[dash]akerboom[at sign]Rochester[dot]rr[dot]com
(or if you get these via emails, the "Reply to Sender" link)
for details as to what I am looking for

And before you ask...
Yes, I've tried ILL (with not very good results)
I know the NYPL has some of them, but they are scanned, and some data is barely legible (been there, done that).  
I'd prefer images of original pages
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Ken Akerboom


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