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Many trucks have foundry symbols on them.

Kurt Laughlin compiled a WORD document for foundry marks in the 1940 to 1945 time period.
He wrote it in 2005. It covers foundry marks found mostly on military equipment but since many of
the railroad manufacturers were building military equipment then in their foundries, the same marks
can be found on railroad car castings.

I have a nice shot of an ASF cast truck (with the ASF letters and also a foundry stamp) but in the
center of the truck at the top is spelled out "BARBER S-2"

On 9/21/2022 5:07 PM, Todd Sullivan via wrote:

When I worked at Alstom Transportation in Hornell, NY, we had a substantial collection of old trucks, mostly roller bearing types, from different freight cars that most likely had been scrapped somewhere else.  They were used as shop trucks to put under transit cars we were building so they could be moved around in the shops.  I think almost every truck I looked at (sorry, no photos - we weren't allowed camera inside the facility) had raised lettering on it.  Some of the lettering had the bearing size, which determined the capacity of the truck, and almost every truck had the manufacturer's name on it in raised letters.

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