Re: Question on B&O M-26 roof color

Tim O'Connor

Here's a shot that shows the galvanized (and unpainted?) roof of one of the CNW all steel box cars built in 1941 I think.
It looks as if the longitudinal running board is unpainted but the short laterals may be painted ?

On 9/23/2022 2:56 AM, Scott H. Haycock wrote:

According to RPC 16, Sherwin Williams Galvanized Roof Paint was used by Pullman Standard on the  CNW's emergency box cars that they built in 1943. These cars had Viking roofs, whereas the rest of the order, built by ACF, had unpainted galvanized Murphy straight panel roofs.

I found out about this paint while researching these specific CNW cars, so I don't know if this product was used elsewhere. 

I looked up 'galvanized paint' and it seems it is comprised of zinc powder, binders, etc. The process of applying it is sometimes referred to as Cold Galvanizing. Apparently this stuff was invented to repair the worn or missing galvanized coating on metal surfaces, so it seems reasonable that it would find uses in rebuilding, repainting, and other repair work. But I don't know of any evidence. Possibly shop records might show its use, but that's another research project!

Scott Haycock

On 09/22/2022 9:54 PM Bruce Griffin <bdg1210@...> wrote:


I’ve never seen any reference to silver, grey, or a galvanized paint anytime during the 50s or before. Exceptions do occur, but the B&O seemed to cover things with car cement for water or rust proofing. Silver roof paint did appear on some MOW and company cars in the 60s, but haven’t seen it on boxcars. 

Bruce D. Griffin

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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